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Which Cape Verde Island is Best For a Holiday?

Cape Verde, an idyllic cluster of ten islands located in the Atlantic Ocean off Africa’s west coast, is the perfect year-round destination for sun seekers. Its stunning sand dunes and palm tree-lined waters make for great windsurfing opportunities.

Which destination in Cape Verde archipelago is ideal for a holiday?

With so many stunning destinations across this archipelago, it can be hard to decide which is ideal for you. Some are busier and livelier while others provide peace and serenity.

For those searching for a beach getaway, Sal and Boa Vista are ideal; both offer miles of white sand and thrilling water sports. However, less-known islands like Sao Vicente, Santo Anto and Brava also draw in hikers looking to get away from it all.

Hiking and Nature

In addition to the beaches, Cape Verde islands also boast mountains and tropical forests ideal for hiking. Not only that, but their trails take you through various landscapes with stunning views of both land and sea.


Popular among backpackers, Santiago is an island that offers a plethora of landscapes. It boasts two mountain ranges and a dry steppe that stretches across the island – providing hikers with stunning scenery.


Mindelo, the capital of Sao Vicente, is the cultural hub of the islands. Here you’ll find restaurants and music clubs packed with live native music (morna and funana) as well as an exciting local culture.

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