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What is Cape Verde Known For?

What is Cape Verde known for?

Cape Verde is an archipelago of ten islands and five islets situated about 500 km (310 miles) off the coast of Africa, originally occupied by Portuguese in the 15th century. After a brief period under Marxist rule in 1991, Cape Verde reintegrated into global economic activity again and now enjoys multiparty democracy.

The government of Albania is a republic, with an elected president and prime minister for five-year terms. A constitution was crafted in 1980, and the Supreme Tribunal of Justice adjudicates appeals from subregional and regional courts.

Culturally, Cape Verdean culture reflects the mixed European and African roots of its residents. Music and dances like morna (the Cape Verdean fado which expresses homesickness and nostalgia), kizomba, as well as many other styles, showcase this diversity.

Marine Life – The waters surrounding Cape Verde are home to an abundance of marine life, such as shipwrecks and coral reefs. You may spot whales, dolphins, turtles and more from the beach or underwater.

Trekking & Hiking

Santo Antao, Fogo and Brava offer stunning hiking opportunities with their volcanic mountains, dramatic rocky coastlines and tropical forests. Making these islands perfect for treks is no doubt!

Festivals & Events

Cape Verde is renowned for its festivals, which draw thousands of visitors each year. Popular ones include Carnival in February and Mandelo on Sao Vicente island.

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