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Where is Mindelo Cape Verde?

Where is Mindelo, Cape Verde?

Mindelo is the capital of Cape Verde’s stunning Sao Vicente island. This vibrant city is known for its Brazilian-influenced Carnival, stunning colonial architecture and picturesque harbor.

Mindelo, the most charming city center of the Cape Verde Islands, boasts numerous cafes, restaurants and a vibrant nightlife. It also serves as an important cultural centre and place to experience traditional music from Cape Verde.

Discover Mindelo’s beauty by strolling around Praca Amilcar Cabral, which comes alive in the evenings. Or explore Rua Libertadores de Africa formerly known as Rua Lisboa, lined with classic cafes that serve up grogue (an infusion of rum and molasses) along with delectable traditional food.

Explore the maze-like labyrinth of cobbled streets in the city center, which are home to numerous cafes and restaurants. Don’t miss visiting the Presidential Palace which was constructed with colonial-era architecture for stunning views.

If you’re seeking a more interactive experience during your visit, don’t miss the Municipal Market. This charming restored building stands only two stories high and was supported by a frame dating back to 1784. Vendors here sell fresh produce such as fruit, vegetables and bric-a-brac.

Don’t miss the chance to take a day trip to Santo Antao, another major island of the Cape Verde archipelago, via ferry that departs from Porto Grande. It’s an excellent way to discover this island and learn about its fascinating history.

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