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What Plugs Do They Use in Cape Verde?

What Plugs Do They Use in Cape Verde

Cape Verde utilizes type C and F electrical outlets (see images). The standard European plug used throughout Europe, South America and Asia is a type C plug; also referred to as Europlug or CEE 7/16 due to its two rounded pins with 4.8 mm diameter.

When traveling abroad, whether or not you require a power adapter or voltage converter will depend on the devices you plan to charge and their intended use. Modern chargers for iPhones, laptops and other electronics are dual voltage, making them suitable for most countries; however, be sure to double-check your device before leaving.

If your device isn’t dual voltage and lacks an international plug, then a travel power adapter is necessary to plug it into a Cape Verdean outlet. While you may find an inexpensive travel adapter that converts voltage for you, be aware that these aren’t suitable for high wattage items such as hair dryers or clothes irons which need more robust power converters.

Premium travel USB chargers usually include a built-in voltage converter, making them an economical alternative to buying a separate voltage converter for use with a Cape Verdean power outlet. However, make sure the charger is compatible with your device’s charging ports and supports fast charging if necessary. If charging larger items such as laptops that require more than 500 mA from standard travel power adapters, then you will need to purchase an external battery pack with higher capacity along with your adapter.

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