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Where to See in Cape Verde

Cape Verde, commonly referred to as Cape Verde, is an archipelago of islands situated in the Atlantic ocean about three hundred miles off Senegal’s west coast. There are 10 main inhabited islands and several islets scattered throughout this volcanically active archipelago. Cape Verde features dry plains and active volcanoes alike.

Cape Verde enjoys a mild climate, with warm dry summers and light rainfall. Sal, Boa Vista and Maio experience almost no rainfall while Santiago, Fogo and Santo Anto experience more.

Where to Eat in Cape Verde

Food plays an integral role in Cape Verdean culture and there are plenty of excellent restaurants throughout the country. Most of them offer both international dishes and local delicacies.

Catinho de Amizade in Praia, Praia, Santiago is one of the finest restaurants on Santiago Island and offers fresh fish dishes, fruit dishes and pastas at a very reasonable price.

Another excellent place to eat in Praia is Vony (Rua dos Clementes, Praia). Here they serve up fresh fish straight from the sea.

At this restaurant in Cape Verdean colors, guests are treated to an authentic Cape Verdean cuisine including Cachupa (stew), Xerem (corn with various accompaniments) and many more dishes. It is housed in an old blue building that exudes charm.

Where to Visit in Cape Verde

A must-visit when visiting Cape Verde is the stunning volcano island of Fogo, which last erupted in 2014. Here you can enjoy hiking, swimming, snorkeling and diving among its dramatic landscape. Additionally, Fogo has become renowned for its wine and coffee cultivation facilities.

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