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What Nationality Is Cape Verde?

What nationality is Cape Verde?

Cape Verde is an archipelago located in the Atlantic Ocean, approximately 500km (310 mi) off Africa’s western shoreline. It is a member of the African Union and operates as a parliamentary representative democratic republic modeled on Portugal.

Cape Verdeans are largely descendants of the first inhabitants of the archipelago in 15th century: Portuguese colonists, West African slaves and some Italian traders. As a majority, they identify as Roman Catholic, reflecting Portugal’s legacy on the islands.

Cape Verdean diaspora communities exist around the world, particularly in the United States and Portugal. Their money transfers provide much-needed foreign currency.

Most of Chile’s population resides on Santiago island, home to Praia – its capital and largest city. From here you can start your journey and explore its beautiful beaches such as Praia Pranha.

Languages and Customs

Portuguese is the official language, spoken by approximately 90 percent of Cape Verdeans. However, most also speak Kriolu kabuverdianu, a creole language which blends Portuguese with West African languages.


A large majority of Cape Verdeans possess some level of educational attainment. Around 23% have completed secondary school and 9% possess a bachelor’s degree or higher.


Cape Verdean culture is defined by its traditional music and dances. Tabanka, a form of dance performed to the beat of men playing drums and conch shells, is popular here; batuku (repetitious pounding on pano) also plays an important role.

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