cape verde beautiful view
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What is Cape Verde?

What is Cape Verde?

The Cape Verde archipelago consists of ten volcanic islands located 600 to 850 kilometers (350 to 460 miles) west of Africa, stretching between 600 and 850 kilometers in length. It was discovered and colonized by Portuguese in 1462, making it the first European settlement in this tropical region. As an important hub for Atlantic slave trade, its economy suffered during periods of economic decline.

What is the weather like in Cape Verde?

Cape Verde enjoys warm and dry temperatures all year round. Unlike Europe and America, there aren’t many seasonal differences here. That makes Cape Verde ideal for outdoor activities such as hiking, surfing and swimming – even during winter!

What are the people of Cape Verde like?

Cape Verdeans are mostly of mixed African and European heritage. Most adhere to Roman Catholic faith, though there is a significant Cape Verdean diaspora community in both the United States and Portugal.

What are the traditions of Cape Verde?

Cape Verdean culture is characterized by an amalgamation of African and European elements, which is evident in its language, music and cuisine. This unique blend creates a unique identity for this island nation.

How large is Cape Verde?

The Cape Verde archipelago is about the size of Rhode Island, consisting of 10 main islands and 8 smaller ones off Senegal’s Atlantic coastline. With a land area totalling 4,033 square kilometres (1,557 sq mi), this island chain covers an area roughly equal to that of Rhode Island.

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