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Where is Praia Cape Verde?

Where is Praia Cape Verde located?

Cape Verde is an archipelago off the West African coast renowned for its stunning beaches, vibrant night life and unique blend of Portuguese heritage and African culture. After years of struggle to gain independence due to anti-Portuguese struggles in Guinea Bissau, Angola, and Mozambique, the country declared independence in 1975.

Praia, the capital city of Santiago Island – is one of Cape Verde’s largest and most iconic islands. Due to its short monsoon season and proximity to the Atlantic Ocean, Praia enjoys a mild climate year-round.

Experience Praia with a Local Guide

For the best sightseeing experience in Praia, hiring a guide is recommended. These professionals know the best spots to explore and can help you uncover its hidden gems.

Experience a comprehensive overview of the island with this tour that takes in Assomada Market, Serra de Malagueta National Park and Tarrafal Beach. Plus, get to learn about Cape Verdean food and culture as you cook a traditional breakfast at a local home.

Visit Sucupira Market

The Sucupira market in Praia is one of Praia’s biggest and most vibrant markets, so be sure to stop by during your trip. This semi-covered marketplace sells a range of items such as clothing, bags, artisan objects and Cape Verdean music instruments.

Experience Classical Cape Verdean Music

The city is renowned for its traditional music styles, from morna and coladeira to batuko and funana. You can experience these diverse sounds at weekly live music nights held at various establishments around town; two of the best are Kebra Cabana and Quintal da Musica – 5al da Musica; both offering delectable snacks as well as live music nights.

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