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What is the National Animal of Cape Verde?

What is the national animal of Cape Verde?

Cape Verde’s national animal is the manatee, also known as sea cows. These marine mammals live in and around Cape Verde waters and are one of the world’s most endangered species.

What is the flag of Cape Verde?

Cape Verde’s national flag consists of five unequal horizontal stripes and ten yellow stars, representing each of its ten main islands. Adopted on September 22, 1992, this design bears witness to this moment in history.

What is the culture of Cape Verde?

Cape Verdean culture is shaped by an eclectic blend of Portuguese, African and European influences. You can witness elements of traditional African culture throughout the archipelago – particularly in its cuisine.

What is the climate of Cape Verde?

Cape Verde experiences tropical aridity with mild temperatures due to cool trade winds and water currents. Annual rainfall varies across islands, though mountainous ones typically receive more rain than their flatter counterparts.

What is the history of Cape Verde?

Cape Verde’s history dates back centuries. It was previously a Portuguese colony and declared independence in 1975, leading to today’s developing economy.

What drives the economy of Cape Verde?

Tourism and travel drive much of Cape Verde’s economy, providing a major source of income to its government and expected to expand over time. Much of this industry relies on accommodation and food services as its major sources of revenue.

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