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What Can You Do in Cape Verde?

What can you do in Cape Verde?

Cape Verde is the ideal getaway for anyone looking to unwind. It offers something special to everyone – from those seeking nightlife entertainment to those wishing to explore its stunning natural landscape.

The main islands are all unique and offer something special. Santiago, for instance, stands out due to its dramatic mountain range which draws in visitors by itself and serves as an excellent hiking base.

For those seeking a bit of excitement, try paragliding over the mountain peaks of Fogo and Brava or world-class kite surfing in Santa Maria. Additionally, there are plenty of excellent hiking trails suitable for all levels of fitness and enthusiasm.

Sea Turtles are an integral part of the local ecosystem and you can witness why with an organised tour to the lagoons on Boa Vista. You’ll get to observe sea turtles nesting in their natural environment while learning about them from a knowledgeable guide, plus gain more insight into their natural history.


Sal and Boa Vista beaches are renowned for their golden sand, clear water and soothing atmosphere – making them worth visiting. There’s also no shortage of water sports to suit all interests – from jet skis and windsurfers to paddleboards and snorkelling gear.

Food and Drink

Cape Verdean cuisine largely revolves around seafood (although fish can be sourced from any region in the country). Cachupa, or Cachupa as it’s commonly known, is the national dish made with maize and potatoes with pork or chicken added for flavor. Other popular dishes include tosta mista–a traditional toasted ham and cheese sandwich–along with other more unique dishes.

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