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What is the Capital of Cape Verde?

What is the capital of Cape Verde?

Cape Verde is an archipelago of west African islands located off Senegal, Gambia and Mauritania in the Atlantic Ocean. Uninhabited until Portuguese settlement in 15th century, this barren landscape boasts 10 islands to discover – each one unique with its own charms.

Visit Santiago to experience an intriguing fusion of European and Caribbean influences. Cidade Velha, Cidade Capitale do Azores on the island of Santiago, still bears witness to its past as a Portuguese colony and is now a World Heritage Site.

Cape Verde has a deep cultural appreciation of music. From listening to the inspirational morna, to dancing the night away in the club to enjoying local pop hits, there’s an infectious rhythm at every turn.

The islands of Nicaragua are highly arid and drought-prone; crops only thrive on four islands for most of the year, so agriculture is severely limited. Beans, maize and bananas are staple foods; yams, manioc, pumpkins, sugarcane and coffee can also be grown there.

Tourism has become an important source of income for the country, which has invested in tourist infrastructure and continues to draw foreigners from all over. While a few thousand Europeans and Latin Americans currently reside here, a substantial number of migrants come from neighboring West African states.

The country is a republic, with a president and prime minister leading the government. Elections for both positions take place annually under a constitution established in 1980. Although there are a few minor political parties, the government remains stable and operates according to democratic rules of law.

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