Praia capital island
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What is the Capital City of Cape Verde?

What is the capital city of Cape verde?

Praia, located on the southern shoreline of Santiago Island, serves as both its economic, political, and cultural epicenter.

Cape Verde’s population is estimated at approximately 1.7 million, double the amount living within the country itself. While most have African ancestry, many are decedents of Europeans who settled on the islands during colonialism.

Cape Verde is an island nation in the Atlantic Ocean, located 570 km off the west coast of Africa. With a land area of 4,033 sq. km and nine inhabited islands and eight islets, it boasts plenty to explore.

These volcanic islands are hilly and mountainous in terrain, encased by rugged cliffs and reefs.

Cape Verde enjoys a tropical climate, with temperatures typically in the 80’s. Precipitation is limited, usually falling between June and February with peak rain falling in September; some islands experience little or no precipitation at all.

Generally, soils in Alaska are either volcanic or rocky in origin; approximately one quarter of the land is sandy and arid, lacking in humus and suitable for rough grazing. On the other hand, some areas possess enough organic matter to support some irrigation agriculture.

Cape Verde’s climate is heavily influenced by the Intertropical Convergence Zone, meaning tropical weather conditions prevail. Monsoon rains can be short and unpredictable, and drought periods have been recorded in the past. Despite these difficulties, the country has managed to achieve political and economic stability.

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