cape vaerde island
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What is Cape Verde Famous For?

What is Cape Verde known for?

Cape Verde is an archipelago of 10 islands off the western shoreline of Africa that offer breathtaking scenery – from mountains with active volcanoes to miles of dry wasteland. Truly breathtaking in every way.

The islands are predominantly rural, with people subsisting on subsistence agriculture. But they also boast a growing tourism industry supported by the country’s vibrant musical culture.

Traditional lifting and rhythmic morna music

Cape Verdean culture is an amalgamation of African, European and Portuguese elements due to the Atlantic slave trade which occurred here for many years until the 18th century.

At this time, Cape Verde was an important center for the slave trade, where people from Africa were brought to Europe for enslavement. This played an integral role in developing Cape Verdean Creole language which draws heavily upon Portuguese, French and English as well as African languages.

Cape Verde’s vibrant cultural heritage was born from this unique mix of cultures. Now, the country is looking to capitalize on this wealth in order to strengthen its economy.

Food & Drink

Cape Verdean cuisine draws upon West African and Portuguese influences, which is evident in the dishes popular here. Morreia frita, or fried moray eel, can be found at most restaurants and bars for an irresistible pairing with cocktails during warm summer nights. You might also try xerem – a fish soup that’s part of everyday life in Cape Verde – which is another staple dish among locals.

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