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What Does Cape Verde Look Like?

What does Cape Verde look like?

Cape Verde is a country that boasts an ethnically and racially diverse population. This mix has created an enchanting culture which still lives on today.

The official language in Cape Verde is Portuguese, but many people speak Cape Verdean Creole (Kriolu kabuverdianu), a mixed Portuguese-West African creole consisting 90-95% words from Portugal and the remainder from West African languages. Kriolu serves as the official national language, though Portuguese is widely spoken on most islands as well.

Music is deeply valued among Cape Verdeans, with numerous traditional musical groups scattered around all islands. Mindelo, the cultural capital of Cape Verde on Sao Vicente island – birthplace of legendary musician Cesaria Evora – is the best place to listen to traditional morna and coladeira music.

Climate – Cape Verde enjoys a tropical climate, with warm and dry summers. Precipitation varies greatly throughout the islands; some experience almost no rain while others endure heavy downpours.

Travel Tips – Plan ahead for possible delays or cancellations when booking flights, as they can often happen. Additionally, take extra caution when riding intercity buses as some can be quite bumpy!

Sea sickness is relatively rare in Cape Verde, but it’s always wise to heed local instructions before swimming in the ocean! Ocean currents can be strong and hazardous, so staying on land is your best bet.

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