ship in the Mindelo water
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Which is the Best Cape Verde Island?

Which island in Cape Verde is the best for relaxing tropical getaways?

Cape Verde islands are a vibrant melting pot of Portuguese, South American and African cultures – often referred to as “The African Caribbean”. As such they’ve become increasingly popular as destinations for relaxed tropical escapes.

No matter which island you select to visit, you’ll be in for an incredible array of stunning scenery, spectacular beaches and unforgettable adventures. Choose from party holidays to serene untouched shorelines; hike trails through mountains or explore city life – whatever suits best!

For a more relaxed tropical holiday, Sal or Boa Vista are two top picks. These islands are easily accessible from Europe and the US, making them ideal for those wanting to unwind by the sea.

Don’t discount smaller or more remote islands, some of which offer a unique atmosphere. In the summertime you can observe loggerhead turtles nesting on white sandy beaches or enjoy some world-class windsurfing.

Santiago is an island with a range of landscapes, from fine sand beaches to dry steppes and fertile valleys. It also boasts the country’s tallest kapok tree – 40 metres high which has grown in the same spot for 500 years – as well as charming towns filled with cobbled streets and 19th century European architecture. Santiago itself offers something special to everyone who visits, offering visitors an unmatched beauty and charm.

Mindelo, the cultural hub of Sao Vicente, is where you can observe local artisans creating ceramics and weaving fabric in their workshops while dancing to native morna and funana music. For an even more stunning getaway, travel nearby Santa Luzia – Cape Verde’s smallest island boasting stunning beaches and dunes – for some serious beachcombing!

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