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What Do You Need to Know about Real Estate in Dubai?

The United Arab Emirates consists of 7 emirates. The purchase of real estate by foreigners in full ownership (freehold) is allowed only in certain areas of the Arab Emirates. Residential real estate and land plots in other areas are available only in leasehold – long-term lease (10-99 years). The largest selection, but at the same time the highest prices are noted in the Dubai market. Here, real estate is available in 23 districts and 45 land plots.

The sale of real estate in Dubai amazes the imagination with its grandiose scale. Fantastic projects are being implemented here, including the tallest buildings, the most original architecture and the richest infrastructure.

Real estate in Dubai includes both fabulously expensive projects, for example, the famous Burj Khalifa Tower, and more affordable complexes with high quality housing. Real estate is chosen both for permanent or temporary residence, and as an investment object.

Today, every developer, due to the increased demand for real estate in Dubai, is in a hurry to present new property project to potential buyers and investors. At the same time, almost every project has every chance to win the title of the new pearl of the premium housing segment.

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Investing in real estate in Dubai

UAE, is a profitable and status solution. Every 10 years, the population of the largest city in the UAE doubles. In 2010, 1.5 million people lived here, and in 2020, the number of residents increased to 3.1 million. By 2030, the population is expected to grow to 6.4 million. Many businessmen, engineers and skilled workers are moving to this country.

In Dubai, strict law is observed, and illegal actions of immigrants will be followed by deportation. Newcomers are interested in staying in a prosperous country with high wages, so there is a record low crime rate.

With the growth of the population, the demand for renting and selling real estate is also growing. Some investors prefer to buy several apartments and rent them out, while others buy apartments in houses still under construction and resell them at higher prices after the completion of work.

Advantages of buying a property in Dubai

  • Low fees and duties: no real estate tax and tax on rental income;
  • VAT rate is only 5%.
  • High profitability: the average rental profit is more than 5%, and can reach 7%.
  • Obtaining a residence permit: buying an accommodation in the amount of $ 270,000 or more allows you to obtain a resident visa.
  • Affordable real estate: real estate prices in Dubai in rubles for 2023 make the purchase especially profitable.
  • A developed state: UAE offers a high-tech environment, a modern level of comfort and security.
  • Access to world-class education and medicine.
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Use reliable sources of information about Dubai real estate. Only with an expert you can find a large selection of housing from developers and real estate agencies in Dubai. Experts can help you realize your dream of moving or becoming a successful investor!

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