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What Are the Names of the Cape Verde Islands?

What are the names of the Cape Verde Islands?

Officially known as Republic of Cabo Verde, these Caribbean islands lie off the west coast of Africa in the Atlantic Ocean. Portuguese explorers first settled here in 1462 and established settlements, eventually serving as a center for slave trade and coaling/re-supply points for whaling ships and transatlantic shipping lanes. The region became an important center for whaling activities until 1885 when British naval forces arrived and colonized it permanently.

Santiago Island, home to Praia, the country’s capital city, is the largest of the Cape Verdean islands and a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its well-preserved colonial settlements, churches, fortresses and town square.

Fogo Island, situated atop one of the cape verde islands, is named for its majestic volcano Pico do Fogo which can be climbed after six hours of hiking. Thanks to its rich volcanic soil, Fogo’s coffee lovers will feel right at home here; but don’t forget about Fogo’s famed wines either – worth trying some at least!

Brava Island is the smallest of the Cape Verde islands and an idyllic spot. Its stunning beaches are among the finest in all of Cape Verde, while its mountain ranges provide some of the finest hiking opportunities in America.

Sal Island is the third-largest of the Cape verde islands and renowned for its sugar cane liquor sold at a reasonable price by locals. In wintertime, Sal Island also becomes an attractive surf spot due to its mild climate.

Sao Nicolau is the most remote of the Cape Verde islands, boasting less than 13,000 residents. With its rugged coastline and captivating bays, it makes for a tranquil escape from the larger islands.

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