island in Atlantic Ocean.
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What Continent is Cape Verde in?

What continent is Cape Verde located on?

Cape Verde is an archipelago of ten volcanic islands off the West African coast that form part of Macaronesia ecoregion in the Atlantic Ocean.

The nation is a parliamentary representative democracy with a president and prime minister who serve five-year terms. Legislative power lies with the National Assembly and Supreme Tribunal of Justice, an independent branch of government from the executive.

Since the 1990s, its economy has experienced rapid expansion; however, it remains a developing nation. The majority of its economy is service-based and heavily dependent on tourism and foreign investment.

Cape Verdeans from around the world live abroad in many different countries, from the United States to Portugal and beyond.

Cape Verdeans are of Portuguese and African heritage, predominantly Roman Catholic in tradition to reflect their long history under Portuguese rule. The country is renowned for its music and dance, which incorporate traditional elements from both cultures.

Two-thirds of the population is Roman Catholic, though other religious groups such as Protestants and Muslims also worship in Cape Verdean churches. The island’s culture combines European and African influences in both cuisine and arts forms.

Cape Verde is a member of the African Union and its economy has made an important contribution to continental growth. Its tourism industry has flourished, while economic performance has greatly improved since 1990s. The government has achieved many development objectives such as halving poverty levels and meeting most UN Millennium Development Goals.

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