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What Currency Do I Need in Cape Verde?

What currency is required in Cape Verde?

The escudo (CVE) is the official currency of Cape Verde and it’s pegged to the Euro at 110$265 Escudos per Euro. This fixed value currency has been in circulation since 1914 as the primary reserve asset of the country.

What are the exchange rates for the Cape Verdean Escudo?

The Cape Verdean escudo is an African currency with a fixed value. It’s linked to the Euro at 110,00265 escudos per euro, making it simple to convert your funds.

What is the best way to exchange my currency in Cape Verde?

For currency conversion in Cape Verde, your best options are banks or exchange offices at international airports. While these may charge slightly more, these establishments usually open late at night and on weekends after arrival of international flights.

What currency should I bring to Cape Verde for shopping?

To maximize your holiday in Cape Verde, ensure you have enough money for everyday necessities like food and drinks. Additionally, you will need small change for taxis and souvenirs.

When is the Best Time to Visit Cape Verde?

For an optimal experience, travel during the dry season from May to October. Temperatures are usually around 25C or higher during this time period.

What are the potential health hazards in Cape Verde?

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