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What is the Climate in Cape Verde?

What is the climate in Cape Verde?

Cape Verde experiences a tropical, arid climate due to trade winds blowing from north-east of the islands. These can make conditions very dry during the summer and help regulate sea temperatures as well.

On Barlavento islands during winter (January to March), temperatures tend to be a few degrees cooler than during the summertime. Furthermore, wind intensity is lessened during this period.

Spring is an ideal time to visit the Cape Verde islands, as you’ll enjoy long sunny days and fewer rain showers. In fact, average rainfall during this period in Cape Verde is roughly half of what one would experience during other times of year.

When the sun’s out, Cape Verde is an idyllic destination to relax and unwind. While most of the year offers high levels of sunshine, there are periods between July and early October when you may experience more cloud cover.

Cape Verde offers a wealth of activities, from beaches to water sports, hiking and diving. Hikers and divers alike will find inspiration in its mountain peaks; nesting turtles can be observed between June and December while whale watching is best experienced between April and May.

Cape Verde enjoys an ideal climate, with an average daily maximum temperature of 26 degC. You can take a break from the heat on a beach or dive into the warm, clear Atlantic waters for some fun in the sun.

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